The History of Media (The Beginning-1950 A.D.)

Cave Paintings

In 1994, in what is now Southern France, cave paintings were discovered that are believed to be the earliest ever, dating from 3200 BCE. 

There are hundreds of paintings of different types of animals, and are unusual for cave paintings in that they depict predatory animals, e.g. lions, bears, hyenas and rhinos.

They also use techniques not seen in other caves, such as scraping the walls clean and smooth before painting, giving themselves a type of canvas.

The caves are currently closed to the public, in order to protect the delicate art that exists there, but there is currently  project underway to build an exact replica of it several miles down the road, to allow the public a glimpse of what exists there.

These were a significant development in media, in that they were one of the first attempts to convey a message, idea or story without the use of words, actions or sounds, instead choosing to depict a likeness of them to another. These were the precursor to all types of art, as well as film and TV.